As previously announced and voted for by the community, Shard is swapping to become an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Chain and bridged to the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token. Allowing Shard to be used within the Infinity Protocols and Infinity Crypto Platform that will be deployed first on the Binance Smart Chain and later Ethereum, as a multi chain token and protocol/platform. The Shard chain swap starts today!

How long will the chain swap run for?

After this date the service within the Infinity Wallet to swap will be disabled, however depending on the state of the Shard blockchain we will try to process any late swaps manually for some time after at a reduced rate.

Where can I swap Shard?

Users holding Shard on StakeCube will be automatically swapped on the 17th of May to BEP20 Shard. While ExchangeAssets will be supporting the swap to the ERC20 Shard on the 31st of May. If you have a small amount of Shard below the minimum swap amount (500 Shard) then be sure to deposit to one of these exchanges before their individual swap date to take part in the swap.

We have reached out to the Metrix team regarding Mynodepool and MyStakingWallet but we are currently waiting on a reply regarding if they will be able to support the swap or not and will update here as we know more, however we expect you will need to withdraw your Shard from MyStakingWallet to swap manually.

Can I change chain after I swap?

Do I have to swap Shard?

How to swap on

1- To swap go to

2- Select the chain you want to swap your Shard to by clicking the dropdown shown in the image below.

3- Enter the amount of Shard you want to swap.

4- Enter your Shard ETH address or Shard BSC address in the “Enter Wallet Address” input box for the chain you are swapping to. Also enter your Shard refund address that you would like to receive your Shard back to if there is a problem with the swap, such as if you sent less than the minimum swap amount.

5- Verify and send your Shard to the “To address” that you will be provided with.

6- On receiving 2 confirmations your swap status will show as “exchanging”, the chain swap will be processed within 24 hours to your Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain Shard address.

How to swap with Infinity Wallet

1- Deposit Shard into your Infinity Wallet, then go to the swap page and select Shard under “I want to swap” and under “For” either Shard (BSC) or Shard (ETH)

2- Enter the amount you want to swap and click the “Exchange” button.

3- Now wait for your Shard to be swapped to your choice of chain, which should arrive to your wallet within 24 hours. After which your Shard will be ready to start interacting with the DeFi ecosystem from within your Infinity Wallet!

New Exchanges where Shard will be available:

We have recently listed on Uniswap which saw $550,000 volume within the first 24 hours and is trading as of today at $0.40 per Shard there.

Shard is also now listed on BSC on Pancakeswap. We will be looking to hopefully create a PancakeSwap farm and syrup pool, as well as work with and integrate into other exchanges and services soon. We are also open to further suggestions from the community, however please remember until there is an increase in liquidity and volume it won’t be ideal to split liquidity across too many exchanges for now.

We are also looking to list on top centralized exchanges, however to qualify we need to have a lot more community activity across social media, as well as increased volume and liquidity.

InfinityCrypto — Coming in a few days



Binance Buidl Program

With the Binance Buidl program the top 10 BSC projects with the most demand, daily active users, TVL, liquidity and community strength (including but not limited to Twitter, Telegram, Medium, etc.) will receive a $10,000 grant, security QuickScan from Certik, top 5 projects will receive sponsorship for full security audit from Certik, exclusive incubation workshop with industry experts and additionally each project in this final phase will have the opportunity to obtain at least one of the following benefits of a potential direct investment opportunity from Binance or direct listing on Binance in the Innovation Zone.

Closing Statement

We hope to see much greater community activity over the coming weeks and months ahead, bringing further awareness to Shard and increasing ecosystem growth. Further listings will fully depend on the community being active and bringing liquidity and volume to Shard and Infinity Crypto, especially with the Binance Buidl program this month. Be prepared as the future of decentralized finance is now.


Shard is a secure and scalable decentralized digital currency and blockchain shaping the future of decentralized freedom globally.