Shard $8,000,000 Burn Campaign

We will be holding a massive 2,000,000 Shard burn campaign based on reaching certain price & liquidity thresholds, which if all thresholds are reached would be worth around $8,000,000!

The campaign will start a few days after the launch of Infinity Crypto and will be announced once it begins. The goal of this campaign is to increase awareness, community participation across social media, trading volume and liquidity, assisting with further adoption of Shard and the Infinity ecosystem.

How will the burn work?

On achieving each threshold, as long as the price & liquidity holds above the threshold value for a minimum of 1 week, then 100,000 Shard will be burned for each threshold achieved.

This will continue until either 1,000,000 Shard is burned, or Shard goes 2 weeks without reaching a new threshold.

If the 10 thresholds are reached within two months from the start of the campaign and 1,000,000 Shard burned, then an additional bonus threshold will be available to burn an additional 1,000,000 Shard.

The thresholds

The first burn will commence if Shard holds above an average price of $0.75 and $150,000 liquidity for a minimum of 7 days. The thresholds are as follows:

  • Threshold 1 = $0.75 + $150,000 liquidity = 100,000 Shard burned ($75,000)
  • Threshold 2 = $1 + $200,000 liquidity = 200,000 Shard burned ($200,000)
  • Threshold 3 = $1.25 + $300,000 liquidity = 300,000 Shard burned ($375,000)
  • Threshold 4 = $1.50 + $450,000 liquidity = 400,000 Shard burned ($600,000)
  • Threshold 5 = $1.75 + $600,000 liquidity = 500,000 Shard burned ($875,000)
  • Threshold 6 = $2 + $800,000 liquidity = 600,000 Shard burned ($1,200,000)
  • Threshold 7 = $2.25 + $1,000,000 liquidity = 700,000 Shard burned ($1,575,000)
  • Threshold 8 = $2.50 + $1,250,000 liquidity = 800,000 Shard burned ($2,000,000)
  • Threshold 9 = $2.75 + $1,500,000 liquidity = 900,000 Shard burned ($2,475,000)
  • Threshold 10 = $3 + $1,750,000 liquidity = 1,000,000 Shard burned ($3,000,000)
  • Bonus Threshold = $4 + $2,500,000 liquidity = 2,000,000 Shard burned ($8,000,000)

What if we reach threshold 10 in the first week?

If any threshold is achieved and holds for longer than 1 week, all burns for lower thresholds will also qualify. This means for example, if in the first week we achieve threshold 4 and stay above threshold 4 for 7 days, then 400,000 Shard will be burned at the end of that week.

Reaching these targets

To reach these thresholds and burn Shard will require everyone to work together on raising awareness, bringing in new users and being active across social media and other communities in spreading the word about Shard. This will help to build the community and further push to reach the ultimate burn. The community can use any resources they like from youtubers, twitter or anyone they know to try and achieve these goals.

The team will also look to do some minor marketing in stage 2, however this will mostly start in stage 3 once there is sufficient liquidity. This is why at this stage it is important for everyone to collaborate to bring in sufficient liquidity, to allow for further value and adoption of Shard.

Our goal for Infinity Crypto and Infinity Protocol stage 3 release is to achieve at least $20,000,000 liquidity across all whitelisted pairs in stage 2. With at least $1,000,000 liquidity in Shard pairs. We hope the community are ready for this challenge, to bring in liquidity providers, holders and traders, and achieve the thresholds of this Shard burn campaign!

If you have marketing ideas during stage 2, make sure to contact the team about funding for community marketing proposals and ideas.

We would like to see a gradual volume increase and liquidity provided by the community and anyone they know on Infinity Crypto, but also across Uniswap and PancakeSwap. The more liquidity that is provided the easier it will be for new holders to get into Shard, allowing for easier adoption, partnerships and listings.





Shard is a secure and scalable decentralized digital currency and blockchain shaping the future of decentralized freedom globally.

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Shard Coin

Shard Coin

Shard is a secure and scalable decentralized digital currency and blockchain shaping the future of decentralized freedom globally.

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